Client Reviews

I just hired Mrs. Gayle D. Anthony .And she has responded to me in a timely manner .She answered all my questions where I could understand.Not like a lot of legal lawyers where you don`t understand. I appreciated her timely matter and quick response as well as her knowledge.She explained every detail about her representation.I would definatly refer her to my friends as well as use her in the future.Very pleasant voice I look forward to her helping me .Thank you so much Mrs.Gayle D.Anthony.


“Subject: Why you should keep a good Attorney

In 1997 my wife and I realized that we were in need of an attorney.  No, we were not getting a divorce.  We had come to the conclusion that we needed legal documents to delineate what assets we had belonged to her; what belonged to me; and what belonged to us jointly.  That might sound easy to resolve but we found out that there are legal ramifications that serve to make this a problem – especially if there are separate families involved.

My first action was to contact the Lawyer’s Referral Service and ask for a referral.  The attorney that was recommended was Ms. Gayle D. Anthony, Attorney at Law.  Ms. Anthony lived in a small city close to the small city where we lived.  This was not a problem; we found that the majority of questions could be resolved via telephone or email.

During our initial meeting with Ms. Anthony we realized that this was indeed an extremely well-versed attorney in the matters of a Trust.  After we presented our problems Ms. Anthony asked us to provide her with certain documents from which she would start the process of developing the Trust.  In a matter of days we were notified that a first-draft of the Trusts was ready for review.  We reviewed the draft Trust documents and were amazed at how well Ms. Anthony had perceived our problems and developed Trust documents that set forth clear paths of ownership.  We were indeed very pleased with the end results.  We considered ourselves lucky to have found a jewel of an attorney.

Shortly after completing the Trusts we decided to ask Ms. Anthony to develop the necessary documents that one needs should a death occur.  However, by this time the Anthony’s had moved to Chicago.  At first we thought that this might be a problem.  Not a problem.  Ms. Anthony prepared all of the varied documents that are essential when a death occurs.  We were extremely pleased with the results.  The distance of separation was not an issue.

Unfortunately, the wife that is referred to above developed an incurable disease and died.  Some time later I remarried.  After we had been married for about three years my second wife was diagnosed as having dementia.  Rumors began to surface that her sons were attempting to find some viable means to have her assets transferred to their control.  My wife and I discussed this issue and she was adamant in insisting that her assets be placed in an Irrevocable Trust where the assets could only be used for her Health and Welfare.  Ms. Anthony had now moved to Utah but that did not pose a problem since she was certified to practice in that state as well as five other states.  In a matter of weeks Ms. Anthony developed the most inclusive Irrevocable Trust that I have even seen.  We are extremely pleased with the results.

Ms. Anthony was extremely valuable in other areas.  In the early stages of the dementia my wife had Ms. Anthony create a Durable Trust that designated me, her husband, as the trustee.  After my wife became incapacitated and had to be admitted to a Memory Care Facility I wanted to close her Trust Accounts in a certain bank.  That bank would not let me close the accounts, insisting that my wife was the only one designated as a Trustee on the documents although in Paragraph 6 of the document it clearly stated that I was the survivor Trustee; I had all of the required documentation needed to allow me to become the Trustee.  Ms. Anthony came from Utah to Florida to settle the issue.  It took her approximately 20 minutes to convince the bank personnel to allow me to close the accounts.

Obviously Ms. Anthony is an extremely qualified attorney.  She is one of the most affable persons I have ever known.  I do not have words that can adequately describe our appreciation for the work that Ms. Anthony accomplished for us.  We owe her a world of gratitude.”


I saw Ms. Anthony regarding an elder/family issue.  I found her to be very knowledgeable regarding elder law – she was able to not only inform me of my rights as a family member, but more importantly what my parent’s rights are – even in his incapacitated condition.  She quickly picked up on the issues of discord within the family regarding my parent’s care and had practical solutions regarding his on-going care that took into account poor communication within the family.  Ms. Anthony has an outstanding ability to use her excellent professional skills within a framework of looking at a total situation.  She is both sensitive and caring and obviously well versed in ‘the law’.  I highly recommend using her for any legal problems.

This letter is written to tell all about the great work Attorney Gayle Anthony has provided to my home.

I first contacted Gayle to help me with my social security disability. Her valuable help and continuous support helped me get approved on the first time around. I was so impressed with her job performance I asked her to take on my workers’ comp case! Gayle agreed to take on my case! We are now in the process of going to hearing. She has reviewed all my case points and I fully trust, along with my wife, Gayle will try and get me the best result.

I have never had to wait a long time for Gayle to return my calls. She tried to be informative and listen patiently if we had any questions.

I hope these very few comments will help someone hire Gayle as their attorney. If anyone would like to take to me about my comments, they can call me at 801-479-6705! Again thanks Gayle – your work is very appreciated by the Durans!”